This Adapter is also compatible with the newest Gen 2 of Rocket Prism 5AC and with the AF-5XHD airFiber® radios. Complete List of compatible radios includes: UBNT Rocket Prism 5AC, Rocket Prism 5AC Gen2, airFiber® 5X and airFiber 5XHD.


The migration path from Rocket Prism 5AC to airFiber 5X platform is smooth and effective, as no additional investment on TP-A is required.


TP-A PAF contains well protected space for GPS antenna that comes with UBNT® radios. After integration, GPS antenna and antenna cable are covered and well protected. No more issues with antenna attachment or with troubleshooting damaged GPS antennas.


TwistPort Adaptors cover an ultra-wideband spectrum of 5180-6400 MHz and perform with superb efficiency with very well managed VSWR.




Product ID


Antenna Connection

TwistPortTM - Quick Locking Waveguide Port

Radio Connection

2x Slide-On RP-SMA and 1x SMA for GPS


Insert - Aluminium Alloy
Adaptor - UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic

Flame Rating

UL 94 HB


-40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)

Wind Survival

160 km/h

Frequency Range

5180 - 6400 MHz


Dual Linear H + V

Antenna Compatibility

Any TwistPortTM Compatible Antenna

Radio Compatibility

UbiquitiTM: Rocket® Prism 5AC, Rocket® Prism 5AC Gen2, airFiber® 5X, airFiber® 5X-HD

Twistport™ Adaptor for UBNT Rocket Prism 5AC and airFiber 5X

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