Stand-alone telephone system offering an unrivalled range of features to small business with less than 20 users. It supports 10 concurrent calls and various combinations of telephony ports including FXS, PSTN, ISDN BRI, and GSM/CDMA/3G.

• 20 Users

• 10 Concurrent Calls

• Up to 4 FXS/FXO Ports

• Up to 4 BRI Ports

• Up to 1 GSM/CDMA/3G Channel


A thorough modular design means you can decide which types of extensions and trunks you need in your telephone system. The module magic does not end here; in Yeastar S-Series, SIP users and concurrent calls are also expandable with suitable modules, allowing your telephone system to truly grow with your business. Don’t be surprised to learn that some features are also modular as they can be separately installed and uninstalled in App Center. And there is no need to upgrade firmware when new features are added, as they can also be managed in App Center.


Call Recording All models of Yeastar S-Series support Automatic Call Recording to monitor the conversation for various purposes required by your business. All the recordings can be inquired, replayed, and managed by administrator or by permitted individuals on the Web GUI.


SIP Forking Powered by the latest Asterisk 13, Yeastar S-Series is able to support SIP forking feature and register one extension number to multiple SIP endpoints. With SIP forking, your desk phone ring and mobile softphone can ring at the same time, and you will be able to take calls from either device.


AutoCLIP Never miss a returned call! The AutoCLIP feature will store information about outgoing calls in the AutoCLIP list and match a returned call with the original caller. In other words, when a person calls back, the call will be routed to the original extension automatically if you enable AutoCLIP feature. Free the front desk from the hassles of constantly asking who called who question.


Event Center 17 kinds of events are recorded in Event Center. When abnormalities like SIP trunk registration failure, user login failure, network attack, and system overload occur, administrator will be notified by Email, phone call or SMS.


Visual Status Monitor Yeastar S-Series provides real-time graphical monitoring for PBX status like extensions, trunks, concurrent calls, and resources usage like CPU, memory, and Ethernet rate


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