The antenna has two beams of radiation. One in front of about 3-4 dBi and the second beam is lifted up by 10% with about 3 dBi gain. Modern warehouses roofing and ceiling are made of metal sheets or concrete, which greatly simplifies bouncing radio waves. One of the beams of radiation in these antennas cover the area of the hall "in front of" making it difficult for the propagation of the signal through obstacles or storage racks loaded with goods. The task of the second beam after reflection from the ceiling, is to cover the dead space between the obstacles (shelves). The antenna is specially designed to work in such conditions. We do not recommend using these antennas in open spaces due to the loss of the signal of the second beam radiation (in the sky). 

Practical tests carried out on the production and storage halls confirm the excellent performance of these antennas. 

Interline Horizon Logis Dual-Band DWB

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