Unique Beam Shape

The Asymmetrical Horn antennas from RF elements, offer a unique companion to their popular line of symmetrical horns. The beam cross-section in bore sight is elliptical: wide in azimuth and narrow in elevation plane. This is useful for deployments where asymmetrical beam shape delivers better coverage.


The BeamSwitch feature enables installer to mount the antenna with 90 degrees rotation by swapping the position of the handle and the bracket. The HG3-TP-A20-30 can thus provide 20 degrees azimuth and 30 degrees elevation beam width or 30 degrees azimuth and 20 degrees elevation beam width as needed.

No Side Lobes

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas have naturally depressed side lobes: they focus energy into single main beam. Absence of side lobes enables excellent noise immunity of Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas and allows for maximum utilisation of tower space. Minimising side lobes also allows for maximum scalability.

Innovating Mounting Bracket

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antennas feature an innovative mounting system. The mount is separated from the antenna, making the installation and adjustment quick and easy.



Azimuth Beam Width -3 dB

21 °


20.5 dBi


TwistPort Quick-Locking Waveguide Port

Elevation Beam Width -3 dB

15 °

Azimuth Beam Width -6 dB

30 °

Antenna Type


Front to Back Ratio

35 dB

Elevation Beam Width -6 dB

20 °

Frequency Min

5180 MHz

Frequency Max

6000 MHz


Mechanical Downtilt Max

25 °


6500 g

Pole Diameter

22 - 80 mm

Radome Material

Die-Cast Aluminium


Operating Temperature

-35 to 55 °c

Wind Survial

160 Km‾h


20°/30° Asymmetrical TwistPort Sector Antenna (HG3-TP-A20-30)

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