An outdoor reverse PoE switch with Gigabit Ethernet and 10G SFP+ ports. Cut costs, not speed – choose GPEN over GPON!

With netPower Lite 7R switch you can forget about expensive GPON base stations and optical splitters. This switch is a part of our GPEN concept – aimed to bring the speed and versatility of fiber networking while using the advantages of Ethernet. It is an easy to deploy, low-cost way for any ISP to deliver the Internet to individual apartments.

This version of the innovative netPower switches features 8 PoE Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 SFP+ ports for 10G fiber connectivity.

With this switch you won’t have to worry about power issues, as there are many options. netPower Lite 7R has 7 reverse PoE ports. Depending on your setup, netPower can draw the necessary power even from a single client! Ethernet port 8 can power other PoE capable devices with the same voltage as applied to the unit. There is also a DC jack and a 2-pin terminal for alternative powering.

The outdoor enclosure allows you to install this switch in all kinds of environments – from damp attics to elevator shafts and different poles with hose clamps.

netPower Lite 7R has a non-blocking throughput of 28 Gbps, switching capacity of 56 Gbps and forwarding rate of 41.7 Mpps.



Number of 1G Ethernet ports


Number of 10G SFP+ ports


Operating system



304 x 212 x 71 mm

Operating temperature

-40°C to +70°C tested



Passive PoE

PoE-in input voltage

12-57 V

PoE-out ports


Max out per port output (input < 30 V)

600 mA

Max out per port output (input > 30 V)

450 mA

Number of DC inputs

9 (7x PoE-in, 2-pin terminal, DC jack)

DC jack input voltage

12-57 V

2-pin terminal input voltage

12-57 V

Max power consumption without attachments

7 W

Max power consumption

29 W



MikroTik netPower Lite 7R (CSS610-1Gi-7R-2S+OUT)

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